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The idea of starting a community closet

I was living on the island of Jamaica and it came to me when I was eleven years old. I recall my friends wanting different career paths. Some wanted to become soccer players, farmers, nurses, business owners, etc.

All I wished for was to be in a situation to make someone else’s life a little easier. My biggest desire was to own a large property so I could provide life’s basic necessities to the less fortunate, including clothes, food and shelter — all free of charge.

When I was 15, my family migrated to America. I finished high school, attended a couple of semesters of college, and married in 1998. Shortly thereafter, I returned to Jamaica. During my visit I observed children who weren’t able to go to school due to the lack of adequate clothing and shoes. I started saving all the clothing we outgrew for our next trip to Jamaica.

In 2004 my family and I returned to Jamaica with five barrels of clothes and food which we provided to these less fortunate. Seeing the joy a used pair of shoes brought to the children’s faces was addicting. I wanted to do more to help them and children in my San Diego community. That’s when Sharia’s Closet was founded — we began collecting, cleaning, and sorting clothing in the garage of our home.


The mission of Sharia’s Closet is to provide free gently used clothing to individuals and families in immediate need.


Sharia’s Closet will be a county wide organization providing emergency clothing to children and families in need through brick and mortar locations in low income communities.


Dignity, Respect, Personalization, and Quality.

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Angela and Sandra showcasing Sharia’s Closet

Gompers Preparatory Academy Senior Talk

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Sharia’s Closet featured in Myrtle Cole e-newsletter Nov2016 on Page 2.

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Sharia's Closet - The Volunteer Appreciation Award

In recognition of generosity to the children and staff at Baker Elementary School

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A big THANKS to John Bjeldanes for being a mentor

and to date the biggest donor to Sharia's Closet cause!

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A big THANKS to Pastor Brian T. Henderson and the board at

Trinity Lutheran Church

For allowing Sharia's Closet to have a home

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SC gives a helping hand to Haitian Refugees, Over 40+ served.

SC Operation Haiti with the help of Crystal, Roberto, Alona, Dian, Megan, Carolyn, and Anna -- Volunteers.
We wouldn’t be able to serve so many precious men, women,
And children without the generosity and dedication of friends like you.

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