Referring Organization

1. Baker Elementary 2. Black Infant Health Program 3. Cherokee Point Elementary 4. Cal –Works 5. Church at the Beach 6. Council San Diego 7. Dreams for Change 8. Dress for Success 9. E3 Civic High 10. Episcopal Community Services (ECS) 11. Euclid Medical Center 12. First Steps 13. Grossmont College CDC 14. Herbert Ibarra Elementary 15. Homeless Ministry 16. Mental Health Systems 17. Metro Community Ministries 18. Metro Career Center 19. National Conflict Resolution Center 20. Neighborhood House Association (Head Start Programs) 21. Open Door 22. Family Service Center 23. Rock Church 24. Para Las Familias Center 25. Righteous Living Ministries 26. San Diego Employment Center 27. San Diego Center for Counseling 28. St. Rita Church 29. Second Chance 30. Section 8 31. Services to Pregnant Women (SPW) 32. Sober Living 33. South County Career Center 34. Trinity Church 35. Kiva House 36. 211 37. United Methodist 38. Veterans Community Service 39. Vista Hill Foundation 40. St. Vincent De Paul 41. YMCA Kinship Program 42. YWCA of San Diego

Our Philosophy

"Sharia’s Closet provide free, gently-used emergency clothing to individuals and families who are experiencing financial hardship or crisis."

About Our Company

Sharia’s Closet is an organization providing emergency clothing to children and families in need through brick and mortar locations in low income communities.

Contact Us

Adress: 7210 Lisbon St, San Diego, CA 92114

Phone: (619)808-4979

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