Here's what our clients are saying...

Provided clothing at a time where family could not afford any. Recived clothing clean, floded and gently used and recived in short amount of time." – Barbara Alvarado - YMCA Kinship, Jul 26, 2017

It helped provide clothes to a clinet and son who where robbed of all clothes." – Alex Rockabrond, Jul 24, 2017

Great service and very nice. Staff are very understanding and helpful." – Jenny Choiun, Jul 18, 2017

Friendly people." – Todd alateuriw, Jul 11, 2017

How convenient and easy it was to pick up her clothes." – Lisa Kellum - North Central Public Health Center, Jul 8, 2017

Nice, helpful. They were asking if I needed anything else." – Giovuuni Castro, Jul 6, 2017

offered more than clothes, really put thought into what was offered. Thank you for being so quick to respond to my needs in my time of need." – Leisa Parr, Jul 5, 2017

that you choose the best for me and bring it to the school." – Kayla Servin, Jun 6, 2017

Clothes were clean and had a variety." – Duloinea Cruz, Feb 20, 2017

Immediate reponse!" – Jasmyn Morrison, Feb 16, 2017

Good!" – Rayra Guavara, Feb 2, 2017

Great!" – Charlene Bullock, Jan 26, 2017

Everything I needed was received." – Charles Easter, Jan 15, 2017

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Beyond amazing, very kind, very dedicated." – AJ Wagner, Vista Hill Case Manager. Nov 22, 2016

Satisfied!" – Luda Rimrez, Nov 16, 2016

Parent was very grateful for services, could not thank you enough for the parents smiles." – Lizette Alzubaidy, NHA-Chavez Elem. SPK Nov 14, 2016

I'm very happy! I thank god for all great people like you god will bless you twice! It's better to give than receive." – Ceila Villa, May 25, 2016

This is awesome. Thank you for your kindness! God Bless!" – Dominique Tassie, May 1, 2016

Thank you so much for providing this service to my families in need! To see the smile on her face was priceless!" – Rosalina Tipay, May 5, 2016

I received the cloth in 2 short period of time. I was surprized and happy accepting the clothes from Chelsea. Thank you for your generousity." – Rosalina Tipay, May 5, 2016

Parent was very surprized at the amount of clothing provided! Very thankful for the clothing provided and that you're able to provid such a service from the heart." – Chelsea Hernandez - NHA Service to Pregnant Woman, May 9, 2016

Very quick turnaround and very nice selection of clothing. Parent was very excited and thankful for the clothing provided for her family." – Dominique Tassie, May 10, 2016

Very, Very, Very helpful." – Deneka Clark, May 13, 2016

Very satified, love cloths for my daughters." – Jocelyne Tuazy, May 16, 2016

I am gratful and it came quicker than expected." – Malalca Moored, May 19, 2016

I love it." – Kenia Contantino, Jun 2, 2016

Good time for us to recive good clothes." – Zulama Alverez, Jun 3, 2016

Very satified, fast service." – Kimberly Vallego, Jun 6, 2016

Happy to receive clothing." – Maria Galran, Jun 6, 2016

I was very happy everything i ask for they had it plus some some." – April Lullmon, Jul 26, 2016

Quick + very helpful." – Amber Valentine, Jul 27, 2016

AWESOME!" – Jennifer Betzler, Aug 3, 2016

This was my first time with my case-worker Malicha and overall the items she brang to me we satisfying to my need and i'm hoping we both can visit again." – Jeshaka McFadden, Aug 3, 2016

Great! my daughter received lots of clothes and good shoes." – Christina, Aug 9, 2016

Great experience very helpful and professional. I will definitely refer my clients to this program." – Tiebe Kidane, Aug 11, 2016

Overall experience-Great." – Sandra Carbaial, Aug 11, 2016

I was referred to Sharia’s Closet by the social worker at my child’s school. We were encountering a very tough time, we had lost a very close family member, and I had lost my job. My son was growing and could barely fit his clothes, and I did not have any income to buy him new clothes. As a parent, not being able to provide clothing for my child was very devastating, as I believed that was something that I would always be in control of as my child’s mother. When I came to Sharia’s Closet, I was so pleased to meet Ms. Shamine. She was so comforting, encouraging, and caring. She even took her time to personally assist me with selecting clothes for my child. It was a very touching and special moment for me, because I was experiencing a really tough time in my life, and for someone to tell me that it would get better, something that I really needed, and it made me realize that there are kind hearted people in the world who do sincerely care about others and are willing to help someone in need, even if it is temporary." – Shanelle Watkins, Aug 11, 2016

They were friendly and fast on helping me with my needs." – Jody Democko, Aug 19, 2016

Love the items!." – Taliea Roberts, Aug 19, 2016

I interacted with the volunteers and was able to customize the wardrobe for the family." – Deborah Mackey - Families Forward, Sept 24, 2016

Very satisfied, thank you." – Susan Vantlom, Oct 6, 2016

GOOD!." – Youthachack Nouvongsa, Oct 19, 2016

Excellent! Everyone was extremly nice and helpful. Greate customer service." – Cristy Javis, Oct 22, 2016

I love the cloths I recieved and even got something nice for a wedding I am going to." – Sandra Martinez, Oct 24, 2016

Everything was a blessing." – Chacha Cavarrubias, Oct 24, 2016

Everyone was very nice and helpful, thank you for everything." – Jessica Romero, Oct 29, 2016

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"Sharia’s Closet provide free, gently-used emergency clothing to individuals and families who are experiencing financial hardship or crisis."

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Sharia’s Closet is an organization providing emergency clothing to children and families in need through brick and mortar locations in low income communities.

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